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Abdoulaye Fall

Maingate founder

My name is Abdoulaye Fall. I am a demographer, specialised in migration, and a social entrepreneur by vocation. After my university studies in my home country, Senegal, I decided to emigrate because of a context of uncertain future and the fever of the European dream.
My experience as a social entrepreneur and my life trajectory as an immigrant allowed me to understand the immense challenge for a sub-Saharan immigrant to materialise a professional career in qualified sectors.
I hold a Master’s degree in Translation, Interpretation and Intercultural Studies (UAB), a Master’s degree in Immigration Management (UPF) and a PhD in Demography (UAB).
I want to contribute to the dignification of the migrants; so that they are seen as agents of change and not objects of compassion and pity.
This struggle aligns with my ideals of social justice and equality of opportunities in the perspective of building a more humane world that does not base its viability on the exploitation of the disadvantaged and the widening of the social gap.
My priority is to promote a model of participation based on the culture of effort and merit, as opposed to the paradigm of welfare, which is only the logical consequence of and the wrong answer to the structural problem of social exclusion.